Bellaboo PRO font

 Introducing Bellaboo PRO version, now with UPPERCASE and lowercase characters we cover all English characters and some special extra characters of Spanish, German, Portuguese and Swedish. We are really proud to present this font to you guys and we hope you make awesome stuff with it!  Bellaboo is a very nice handmade font, with a hipster heart, perfect for posters and headlines, and long texts this font is made by Marcelo Reis Melo and it is exclusive for FGD!  Avaiable in the formats OTF and WEBFONT.


  1. Hello,
    I bought the font, but I did not receive anything.

  2. Great font, but why, why o why didn't you include the Norwegian Øø ??? Planned to buy the pro version, but sadly for most purposes it will not work. A bit like an alphabet without an "a" for English speakers...

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  4. Thanks a lot. Presently I have Robot Condensed accessible for use on my PC.
    I'm introducing a couple more mono spaced textual styles as well.
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